Missing you

By way of a tentative re-entry into the blogosphere, I share this poem I wrote a couple or several years ago. Wrong season, slightly off-kilter sentiment for a “hey, I’m back” greeting, but why would I let that stop me? Sometimes you just have to say something, right? Consider this a versical throat-clearing prior to the full-on bloggification to follow.

Missing you

Summer slides by,
Blue skies and buttery days.
I remember when the sun wasn’t
An enemy,
When we lay under a canopy of oak leaves,
Faces freckled with light,
And ignored the future.

Suddenly last summer

I’ve been on vacation the past couple of weeks, sloughing off the bug-eyed stress and mind-melting  irritations of workaday life. Ah, vacation. Such affection and appreciation I harbour in my heart for these hard-earned days of leisure. If only they were less fleeting and infrequent.

This year my sister and I spent a few days on Bowen Island, hunkered down in a lovely little waterfront cottage, watching seabirds and eagles cavort over Howe Sound and listening to all the noises the Pacific Northwest bestows when the chaos and cacophony of city life is stripped away.

Every morning and every evening (and a good chunk of the time in between) found us ensconced in our comfy red faux Adirondack chairs, sipping coffee, tea, wine or G&Ts, gobbling up the views or immersed in our books or happily pondering the possibilities of picking up sticks and abandoning life as we know it for the solitude and sanctuary of island life.20150615_193234
There was a rocky beach a short walk away from 20150616_131345the cottage which we visited every day when we walked Rory (our dog). You see the little point that juts out from the trees on the left in the photograph below? That’s where our cottage was, nestled right behind those trees. We had neighbours on either side, but they were farther back, and the most we heard from them was an occasional cough. It was like being in the middle of nowhere,

And, speaking of Rory, he’s blind, deaf, diabetic, and ordinarily as poky as an unmotivated slug on on his walks, but he loved being on Bowen. Maybe it was the sea air or the irresistible bouquet of rotting sea critters, but he was  champing at the bit for his morning and evening walks on that rocky beach.


When I’m in the city, I can barely stand to go a full hour without firing up my laptop. I go through internet withdrawal during power outages, even if they only last half an hour. The cottage had wi fi, and I’d brought my laptop because I knew I couldn’t stand that many days without being connected to the virtual world, but I didn’t open it once.

From the moment we walked into20150617_195729 the cottage, I morphed from madly stressed, wack-a-doo, neurotic computer addict to blissed out deck chair aficionado. And, honestly, with sunsets like this to watch, who could blame me? Hope you’ve all been having as fabulous a time as I have. Today was my first day back at work–quite a shock to the system. I’m still hanging on to my cottage-y bliss, but it’s already starting to fray around the edges. Ah, vacations. What was I saying about you being so fleeting?

The spinny wheel of affirmation

One of my work colleagues has a little pretty little box, and in that box she keeps a bunch of one-word affirmation cards. Every once in a while she’ll make a tour of the office and get each of us to reach in and pick a card.

My current card is “Gratitude” and I keep it propped up at the foot of my monitor to remind me that even when things go wonky there is so much in life for which I can be grateful. It’s a reminder I need quite frequently these days, as it happens, just as its predecessor “Creativity” was a reminder I needed at that time. I find it fascinating that whenever my colleague stops by with her box of cards, I always manage to pick the card I need at that particular juncture of my life.

The other day I stumbled across a blog whose author was talking about choosing a one word affirmation for the year. He’d chosen the word was “Focus.”  I could use some of that, for sure, but honestly, I don’t see myself sticking with just one word for the entire year, however fine that solitary word might be and however much my wayward mind might benefit from the discipline of that one word. I guess I’m just fickle that way.

How about, I said to myself, a word a week? I could do that. Sure I could. I have at least that much discipline. What I don’t have, however, is a pretty little box of affirmation cards, so instead, I Googled myself over to Wheel Decide (thank you again, dear Google, for providing) and built myself a handy dandy Weekly Word Wheel. Now I can avail myself of a one-word affirmation to guide me through the wackiness of each and every week. Or, if I’m feeling super bold and the week is promising to be super horrendous, I can spin the wheel twice and have two words to guide me.

Go ahead. Give the wheel a spin and see what it spits out for you. It’s given me “Imagination.” Yep. I can work with that.


A couple of weeks or so ago I managed to kill my blog. I’m not sure how I did it. I was trying to figure out how why I wasn’t able to preview blog posts, because previewing is kind of critical when you’re tossing in a YouTube video or adding a spin-a-wheel (more on that later this week) or making sure an image is properly aligned.

So, what did I do? I did what anyone would do. I Googled the issue. The problem was, I was silly enough to believe the fixes Google found for me.

Within seconds, my blog metamorphosed from its usual cheerful, bloggish form into something that resembled a relic resurrected from the Wayback Machine.  I was all woe-ish and wailing and, okay, I admit it, whiney, but I figured, whatever. It happened so fast, it couldn’t be a big deal, right?

Argh. Argh squared, in fact. Google, my search engine friend, that was one massive fail on your part. I’m willing to share the blame, because, really, how ridiculous was I to start mucking about with my WordPress settings on the say so of some random webbish pseudo-expert?

Anyway, after multiple incomprehensible messages from my web hosts (who were actually very cool about the whole thing, in spite of their incomprehensibility) and after backing up my database, deleting it and reinstalling WordPress, and after trying make sense of a filing system with names like cgi-bin and perl5 and favicon.ico, and after much hair pully-outiness and teeth gnashing and and an unholy amount of whining, my blog is back.

I couldn’t understand the explanation of the problem or what was done to fix it. One of these days I should really try to figure this stuff out, I suppose, but, man, there are a couple of thousand things ahead of bloggish know-how on the learning list right now. I’m just grateful that there are people out there in the world who know about these things so I don’t have to.

In the meantime, my blog has rematerialized from the ether, my stress level has started clawing its way back to an acceptable level, and I’m still unable to preview my blog posts before publishing. Everything back to normal. Thank you, universe.

So…how have the last couple of weeks been for you?