Blogging from A to Z Challenge – I’m In!

As someone who updates her blog with the same frequency that others reserve for scouring their ovens or replacing their spark plugs, it makes no sense for me to consider participating in a post-every-day blog challenge. None whatsoever.

And yet it seems I have moved past consideration all the way into the realm of signing on the dotted line. Just goes to show what sort of insanity a person can get up to futzing about on the interwebs of a Saturday afternoon.
I could have been visiting my aunt today, listening once again to the same seven mean-spirited anecdotes that she told me five times last week, the week before that, and the week before that.
I should have been visiting my aunt today, in spite of having to smile politely, feign a credible interest in the umpteenth reiteration of the same vitriolic anecdotes, and stifle the inevitable parricidal urges. Horrible as she can be at times, she can’t help herself, and she does appreciate the visits.
But no. Instead I chose to blow off familial duty and stay home. Even that wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d stayed away from the computer and engaged in some less accustomed pursuit, like mopping the floors or Hoovering up the cobwebs.
Again, no. I hit the internet, and somehow stumbled once more onto the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge site. I found this challenge back in January, flirted with it for a few mad minutes, and even tweeted about it, but I quickly came to my senses and escaped in the nick of time.
No escape today. It got me good. I can only assume that in a fit of self-loathing induced by having neglected my cranky-pants auntie, my better self decided I needed to be taught a lesson, and forced my fingers to do the clicky-clicky-sign-me-up thing as a form of punishment. Bastard better self, who needs you?
Ah, well. Nothing like an incentive to get a person writing, is there? No, there really isn’t, so I’m pretty sure you should be signing up, too. Come on! Join me in the awesome April alphabetization of the blogosphere!