The spinny wheel of affirmation

One of my work colleagues has a little pretty little box, and in that box she keeps a bunch of one-word affirmation cards. Every once in a while she’ll make a tour of the office and get each of us to reach in and pick a card.

My current card is “Gratitude” and I keep it propped up at the foot of my monitor to remind me that even when things go wonky there is so much in life for which I can be grateful. It’s a reminder I need quite frequently these days, as it happens, just as its predecessor “Creativity” was a reminder I needed at that time. I find it fascinating that whenever my colleague stops by with her box of cards, I always manage to pick the card I need at that particular juncture of my life.

The other day I stumbled across a blog whose author was talking about choosing a one word affirmation for the year. He’d chosen the word was “Focus.”  I could use some of that, for sure, but honestly, I don’t see myself sticking with just one word for the entire year, however fine that solitary word might be and however much my wayward mind might benefit from the discipline of that one word. I guess I’m just fickle that way.

How about, I said to myself, a word a week? I could do that. Sure I could. I have at least that much discipline. What I don’t have, however, is a pretty little box of affirmation cards, so instead, I Googled myself over to Wheel Decide (thank you again, dear Google, for providing) and built myself a handy dandy Weekly Word Wheel. Now I can avail myself of a one-word affirmation to guide me through the wackiness of each and every week. Or, if I’m feeling super bold and the week is promising to be super horrendous, I can spin the wheel twice and have two words to guide me.

Go ahead. Give the wheel a spin and see what it spits out for you. It’s given me “Imagination.” Yep. I can work with that.

17 thoughts on “The spinny wheel of affirmation

  1. Kerny, that’s a lovely way to connect with colleagues and built spirit in a very subtle yet very meaningful message. I also love that the cards are kept in a box fitting of their worth.

    I spun the wheel and got ‘foregiveness’ which with its unique spelling pushes me to think of forgiving as a moving-forward motion. For some aspects of our life it is perhaps the only way to move forward in a positive way: forgive others, forgive ourselves.

    I love mottos and words as meditation. Foregiveness. Feels like I’m receiving encouragement from someone.

    Another awesomesauce post.

  2. I got understanding and boy do I need that at the moment. Wonderful idea. I like your colleague’s idea too, it obviously does you good when you get your word, hope it does others good too.

  3. I got resourcefulness. Woohoo, love it. I like yours too, imagination.
    Now, have to see how resourceful I could be, or maybe it will all come to me.
    Thanks, Kern. Fun game. Love playing.

  4. I got honesty! Unfortunately I have been known to be brutally honest and it often doesn’t go over very well at all.

  5. What fun Kern thanks! I spun and I won – kindness!
    It’s a great idea to have this – further encouragement for focus …
    How terrifical (sp intended) to get imagination … not that you really really need it!

  6. What a great story! I got Creativity here, and Strength over on Jo’s blog. I think both are good for me right now. Like you said, seems I got what I needed at this point in time… thanks for sharing this and the Wheel idea! Lisa

  7. Oh Kern, I LOVE your whacky word wheel. I would love to know how you built it… never mind, I’d probably blow up my computer. My word was “kindness.” Yup, that’s me. So I tried again… “whimsy???” Yes, I could work being “whimsy” but is that too close to my “whacky?” I have a box of affirmation cards upstairs. I probably should bring them down by my computer too.

    Now do you do tarot and numerology too? Amazingly, when I receive a Tarot reading it is about something going on in my life. Now… if only I can change my life! I know… one word at a time, right?

    Great post! I love your thinking.

  8. I love your spinny wheel! I’m in awe of your Google skills, because Google never gives me anything remotely as cool whenever I go looking for things.

    I got “wonder,” which I think is really great. For me, it serves as a reminder to continually look at the world with younger eyes, to take some time to marvel at the mundane. It kind of ties in with my latest blog post, actually, and that’s pretty cool.

  9. This is such a clever idea! I agree with you I couldn’t use one word for the whole year but a word a week is completely doable and it’s a great way to be more mindful. I got commitment, which is the perfect word for me because I’m soon about to take the plunge and publish my book independently, so I need to commit to that 100%, no doubts, no looking back.

  10. Your workplace sounds friendly enough that I think the colleague would enjoy making a box of affirmation cards just for you if you asked her to 🙂

    That wheel you built after hanging out with the Google gods is pretty cool! It gave me the word “Strength,” which is an affirmation that I could use a lot of these days.

    There is a lady I know of who chooses letters to live by each year. Last year was C and I imagine that it provides a lot of flexibility for the person to chose lots of different words that fit that letter throughout the year, based on her circumstances, mood and aspirations. I understand your need to switch up a different word each week. I’m all for daily, weekly and/or monthly practices. Less of a commitment needed. Ha!

  11. Calling by to say hi on the A – Z Road Trip. Thanks for the fun game. I spun whimsy. Though I don’t think I could use that for a year. One a week sounds better practice! Carolyn from

  12. I’m speeding down the A to Z Road trip and came across your blog. I love the idea that you have a coworker or a work environment where having these actions are possible.
    I spun the wheel and came up with “Hope”. It was very timely and I appreciate you sharing the wheel and the good thoughts with us!

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