A couple of weeks or so ago I managed to kill my blog. I’m not sure how I did it. I was trying to figure out how why I wasn’t able to preview blog posts, because previewing is kind of critical when you’re tossing in a YouTube video or adding a spin-a-wheel (more on that later this week) or making sure an image is properly aligned.

So, what did I do? I did what anyone would do. I Googled the issue. The problem was, I was silly enough to believe the fixes Google found for me.

Within seconds, my blog metamorphosed from its usual cheerful, bloggish form into something that resembled a relic resurrected from the Wayback Machine.  I was all woe-ish and wailing and, okay, I admit it, whiney, but I figured, whatever. It happened so fast, it couldn’t be a big deal, right?

Argh. Argh squared, in fact. Google, my search engine friend, that was one massive fail on your part. I’m willing to share the blame, because, really, how ridiculous was I to start mucking about with my WordPress settings on the say so of some random webbish pseudo-expert?

Anyway, after multiple incomprehensible messages from my web hosts (who were actually very cool about the whole thing, in spite of their incomprehensibility) and after backing up my database, deleting it and reinstalling WordPress, and after trying make sense of a filing system with names like cgi-bin and perl5 and favicon.ico, and after much hair pully-outiness and teeth gnashing and and an unholy amount of whining, my blog is back.

I couldn’t understand the explanation of the problem or what was done to fix it. One of these days I should really try to figure this stuff out, I suppose, but, man, there are a couple of thousand things ahead of bloggish know-how on the learning list right now. I’m just grateful that there are people out there in the world who know about these things so I don’t have to.

In the meantime, my blog has rematerialized from the ether, my stress level has started clawing its way back to an acceptable level, and I’m still unable to preview my blog posts before publishing. Everything back to normal. Thank you, universe.

So…how have the last couple of weeks been for you?

18 thoughts on “Resurrected

  1. As a fellow technophobe, I totally feel your pain! I’m always getting blindsided by some computer glitch I can’t begin to understand, let alone fix. Congratulations on rising from the ashes!

    • Thanks, Susan! Wow, I can’t believe how stressful that was. It was like waking up on a different planet and trying to figure out the language without a dictionary or translation guide. So not fun!

  2. Kern, I’m chuckling in sympathy as I’m a techno-idiot. My friend, who administrates my blog decided to upgrade it so that people using their phones could Google my blog. The change in upgrade whacked my blog into various particles. The blog was not aligned nor could I edit it. Finally, with help from WordPress, I put it back to the way it was… except WordPress upgraded, WordPress, so there are still some changes in how my blog operates.

    To top that off, I had to have a Techie Pro clean my computer out of viruses, etc. as the virus protection I was using became ineffectual. Our Techie Doctor had to take my computer for FIVE WHOLE DAYS… OMG… I can remember not wanting to use a computer… NOW I can’t live without one! I went into utter shock mopping around the house trying to figure out what to do since I didn’t have my computer. I EVEN tried writing using real paper and pen! In fact, I too am about to post about this experience. However, I did post another story too.

    My heart goes out to you… I TOTALLY sympathize!! You won though… WAY TO GO!!

    • Oh, wow, Gwynn, that’s brutal. Going without a blog for a few days was worrisome, but having to get by without a computer for five days is pretty darned woe-ish. It’s hard to believe sometimes how integrated the little beasties have become in our lives.

      One of these days I’ll force myself to park the computer for a couple of weeks and reintroduce myself to bricks and mortar life, just to prove I can. But not yet…

    • It was extremely frustrating, not least because it made me feel pretty darned stupid–and I don’t like that! Perhaps a course is in order so I can figure this out for myself next time round. Thanks for the welcome back!

  3. Oh I’m glad to see you back, I did wonder why we hadn’t heard anything for you since the end of A to Z. There is nothing worse than technology issues, I’ve pulled my hair out over my blog a number of times. Glad it’s all sorted and things can go back to normal — welcome back! 🙂

  4. Yippee you’re back!!! Thanks Universe. Sympathies for tbe ghastly experience. …breath deeply, stretch and know that these irritations pass. Truly pleased to catch a glimpse…….

    • I’m back! My blog hosts saved my bloggy bacon. Now, of course, I’m afraid to make any adjustments, but that will pass. Life on the edge, you know. 🙂

      You’re right and the deep breathing and stretching–they really do help in regaining a sense of perspective.

  5. Oh Kern – I’m so glad your poor lost-in-the-ethers blog has been rescued! My technophobe sympathy synapses were busy firing away and I broke out into a painful rash reading about your oh-no-how-can-this-be-happening experience. I was having a bit of a freak out myself earlier this week when for couple days I couldn’t actually log onto my WordPress dashboard – it kept automatically redirecting to my home page. And then happily it cured itself. I so, so, so respect those among us who understand the mysterious inner workings of these things.

    • I knew there was a term for blog woe empathy–“technophobe sympathy synapses” fits the bill perfectly! Sometimes I think our blogs are inhabited by mean-spirited web-elves whose sole purpose in life is to have fun at our expense. Clearly they got their money’s worth these last couple of weeks. I second your respect for the techie wonders among us.

  6. I’m glad you’re back, Kern! That must have been so stressful and frustrating.

    I have a wonderful web developer for hire if you ever need fast fixes. She’s reliable and reasonably priced and awesome. She’s pulled my butt out of the fire a few times.

    As for me, May was a tough month, which was surprising. I usually love May. But it kicked my ass all over town this year–not sure why.

    Here’s hoping June is better for both of us!

    • Hi JH! I’m so sorry to hear that your May has been a vicious toad. It should have been much kinder to you, especially since your first book was released this month. How dare May be a poophead when you’re celebrating.

      Speaking of your book, I haven’t read it yet, and not just because the cover scares me silly. I’m saving it for when I spend a few days in a cottage on Bowen Island the week after next. I figure that’s the perfect setting for reading a horror story. 🙂

      Thanks for the offer to connect me with your web developer–I’ll probably be taking you up on that.

      As you say, here’s to a better June!

  7. Ooooh, and I thought I had problems… Aloha from Hawaii. I discovered today about 20 comments from the A to Z Challenge 2013 that were in my spam folder in Disqus. Yikes. This prompted me to review all of my comments and see if I had reciprocated the ones from the 3 A-Z Challenges. Oh my. So, I’m visiting today to say thank you. Courtney – Maui Jungalow blog.

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