Missing you

By way of a tentative re-entry into the blogosphere, I share this poem I wrote a couple or several years ago. Wrong season, slightly off-kilter sentiment for a “hey, I’m back” greeting, but why would I let that stop me? Sometimes you just have to say something, right? Consider this a versical throat-clearing prior to the full-on bloggification to follow.

Missing you

Summer slides by,
Blue skies and buttery days.
I remember when the sun wasn’t
An enemy,
When we lay under a canopy of oak leaves,
Faces freckled with light,
And ignored the future.

10 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. Your return to the blogosphere, no matter how tentative, has made my week a joyous thing. Can’t wait to read more of your unique writing. Your skill and point of view have been sorely missed, Kernie Kern. Welcome back!!!!!!!

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