This is where Kern Windwraith’s bio will go when her imagination rises from the dead to help her concoct something witty and appealing. In the meantime, let your imagination fill in the blanks. The result will no doubt be far more interesting. Please feel free to post your bio supposings in the comments, if you so desire, and perhaps Kern will adopt the life you’ve invented and scarper off to inhabit it.

In the meantime, pretty much all you need to know about Kern is that she writes, does a terrible job removing nail polish from her toenails, and is grateful every day to have discovered such an amazingly nurturing, rambunctious, and indefatigably enthusiastic online writing support network.

You can find Kern:

On Twitter: @oddparticle
On Facebook: Kern Windwraith
On Pinterest: oddparticle

8 thoughts on “about

  1. Rumour has it that Odd Particle lives in a vivid world of ‘hair raising’ vacuums. She sleeps at night and creeps aimlessly about during the day to avoid detection in the ‘real’ world. Odd Particle is also rumoured to love parentheses, gin and tonics and buy-one/get-one-free days at the local mall, though not necessarily in that order.

    Favourite colour is plaid but she spells it b-l-u-e. Favourite folk singer is Arlo Guthrie’s Aunt Gertie. Favourite day of the week is yesterday. She was arrested once for boarding public transit and randomly calling out incorrect bus stops.

    What does she look like? Well apparently, with the panda eyeliner, platinum-blonde hair and mirrored aviator glasses, even Kern herself doesn’t know.

    Fascinating! If you see her, remember she will try to overwhelm you with fringe-based political arguments. You are asked to stand well back as Odd Particle is able to disarm even the most seasoned gunslinger with one swing of her massive purse.

  2. Well, what do I imagine about Kern? I was thinking of her over these last few days and smiling, in gratitude, that she exists! If she could, I would love her to come to South Africa and we’d go on a road trip for at least 2 weeks, here and there and who knows where, being wild and wonderful, wacky, wise. She is one of the kindest people I know –

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