Visual Dare – And Then There Were Pumps

Yesterday I accidentally wrote a Visual Dare story for the wrong prompt–for a prompt, in fact, that wasn’t a prompt at all but rather a photograph @Angela_Goff was using to illustrate her awesome Five Sentence Fiction submission, which you can read right here. Quelle boob am I. Angela was kind enough to not insist that I rip that story from the interwebs and let it speak its name no more, because that’s just the kind of person she is.

To salvage my dignity, I’ve decided to write something for the actual Visual Dare prompt:


And Then There Were Pumps

He twisted the tap, and two hundred speckled goldfish poured out, splashing and sparkling in the gush of water. When his sink overflowed with its fishy bounty and his tiled floor became slick with their flopping, finny bodies, he opened his back door and fled into the street.

The garden gate melted to dust beneath his fingers.

In the plaza the pigeons fled skyward from his running feet, then rained back down upon him in a shower of boots, sneakers, and spiked Gucci heels.

He cursed himself for forgetting to insert the stopper in the genie’s bottle again.

(98 words)

Non-Visual Dare – Fish Out of Water

Kind of an embarrassing story. I wanted to participate in Angela Goff’s Visual Dare challenge, so I popped by her site, saw the picture (below) of a lost-looking mermaid perched on a table, and thought, yeah, that’s speaking to me. I wrote this story, and then realized a couple of hours later that Angela’s post was actually her own entry into Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction challenge. Oops. Imagine my shame. I thought about deleting this entirely decided full disclosure was the best option.

If you’re reading this, don’t miss the story that started it, Angela Goff’s s Fish Out Of Water.

Fish out of Water

Like a Fish

It’s always the same when they meet Tony’s friends at The Wall. Tony sits with her for five minutes, and then he’s off to shoot pool with Joe and Victor. Deborah won’t see him again before he staggers back two hours later, furious to find her once again on the perimeter of the other girlfriends’ conversation.

“Can’t you try harder?” he says, back in her apartment, face red, forehead pinched “They think you’re a snob, you know.”

I’m not a snob,” she says, calculating the odds of convincing Joe she’s developed an allergy to beer fumes. “I’ll try harder.” 

(100 words)

Visual Dare–Cat and Crow

Visual Dare–The Odd Couple

Written for Angela Goff’s Visual Dare challenge. The prompt was the picture on the right, The Odd Couple. I rarely write poetry, but this is what the prompt muttered to me, so there you go. If you’re a poet (or a poetry lover), you may want to avert your eyes.

(68 words)

Cat and Crow

Cat sits
Thinking crow thoughts
Dipping, diving, riding the updrafts
Over the winding waters where
River rats weave through the rushes.
Bird’s eye stalking.
Twigged nests cradling succulent hatchling payloads.

Crow bends
Blueblack wing
Toward the earth
Wheeling in for a landing
Over sun-soaked grass beneath which
Worms slink through subterranean tunnels, waiting for rain.
Gliding, skimming down,
Whisper of wings above cat’s head.