Quiz me this!

Quiz_kids_1940s_cardThis month I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, drawing from my “Grab Bag of Delectable and Occasionally Edifying Interwebby Wonderments.”

It’s back-to-work Monday, so a perfect time for a bit of brain-stretching fun and games. Yes, that’s right. We’ve reached the letter “Q,” and what better way to reward ourselves for making it this far than by diving into a few quizzes–after we’ve finished our posting and commenting, of course.

There are a bazillion quiz sites out there, most of them utter crap, but never fear. Because I don’t want you to have to endure the same profound irritation I experienced, I scoured the interwebs to come up with this enticing selection of quizzy tastiness just for you.

Encyclopedia Britannica: There’s no subscription required for the quizzes, which is a big yay, because they have bucketloads. You can test your knowledge of cheese facts, world foods, vocabulary, baroque art, world foods, spelling—you name it, they have a quiz. Go on. Clicky click and go get smarter.

The Guardian’s quizzes are often way more difficult than I think they’re going to be, possibly because I’m Canadian and a lot of their content is UK-focused, but equally possibly because I’m not nearly as well informed as I like to think I am. They recently put their Daily Quiz on hiatus, but there are masses of archived quizzes, so all is not lost.

Another favourite quiz is Merriam-Webster’s How Strong is Your Vocabulary? They also have a “Name That Thing” and a “True or False” quiz, which are also fun.

Competitions and Quizzes section of the Oxford Dictionaries site has all kinds of goodies archived for your delectation: What kind of a poem are you? or Are you a nOOb or a netizen? or How well do you know the language of beer? (For the record, I apparently do not speak beer at all.)

How about you? Do you have any favourite quiz sites? Please share the bounty in the comments, because clearly it’s only going to take me a hundred years to get through these links, and I hate being bored.

A to Z Challenge: Fonts, Fractals, and Other Finds

During the 2013 Blogging from A to Z Challenge I’m posting what  I like to describe as “semi-useful” procrastination strategies for writers and others who may need a little break from the task at hand from time to time.

Today I bring you the procrastination bounty provided by the letter F, and believe me, there is much bounty to be had. I had to make some some touch choices here, people, to keep this post at a manageable length.

First up, a site with which many of you are probably already familiar, Freerice.com, where you can simultaneously test your vocabulary and pretend to yourself that you’re doing your part to end world hunger. (You really won’t be, but go ahead and pretend if it makes you feel better.)

If you’re at all interested in the typographical goodness of fonts, these two sites might give you a reason to postpone cleaning out the attic or composing your Poetry Month clerihew or pentane:

  • The Rather Difficult Font Game. I submit that this would be more aptly named The Fiendishly Difficult Font Game, because it’s freaking hard (by which I mean I am staggeringly horrible at it).
  • Cheese or Font: An amusing little game where you get to guess whether a particular name denotes a type of cheese or a font. It’s surprisingly not as easy as you’d think.

In the mood for funny? If the font games leave your head spinning and you’re hankering for something a little less cerebrally taxing, there’s always Funny or Die, where you can find all manner of amusements: videos, words/pictures, podcasts, politics and other amusing time-wasters. If you’re not already familiar with the site, you could do worse than to start with either The Wire: The Musical or Game of Thrones on Facebook.

Or perhaps you just want to look at mesmerizing pretty stuff for a while, and who could blame you. Why not pay a visit to artist Jock Cooper’s Fractal Recursion site? All kinds of mesmerizing pretty over there (and don’t forget to click on the Zoomables Gallery at the bottom of the page).

And then, of course, I have to at least mention Facebook, but I figure if you’re serious about procrastinating, you’re probably already spending a fair bit of time here.

There are some terrific bloggers participating in the challenge this year. Check them out over here.